Top Attractions You Want To Consider When Visiting Tel Aviv, Israel

Visiting Tel Aviv offers many different travel attractions that can be considered, no matter the tastes of the tourist. We are faced with so many misconceptions that appear when referring to Israel in general. Just as there are some wonderful Israel hotels that you can stay at, filled with luxurious commodities, you can have a great time in a city that is much more interesting than what many believe. If you are planning a visit to Tel Aviv, these are the options that you want to take into account.

Museum Of The History Of Tel Aviv

Museum of history of tel aviv

The facility can be found in the first city hall that was built in Tel Aviv, a Modernist monumental structure that was constructed in the year 1927. A really meticulous restoration took place after the building was closed for 40 years. Nowadays, this museum is a true gamut of contemporary and historical displays, including the first mayor offices and photograph exhibits with images collected from the ordinary residents.

Visit The Gallery Scene

Visit The Gallery Scene

There are many interesting galleries that you can consider in Tel Aviv. Take advantage of the low prices for car rental in Israel and seriously consider the main 3 galleries in the city: Sommer Contemporary Art, Dvir and Noga. Noga offers some wonderful up and comer and local artists and Dvir will feature works by well-known artists like Jonathan Monk and Douglas Gordan. A visit to Sommer only rounds up everything in a way that art lovers will appreciate.

Ali Karavan

Ali Karavan

This is a wonderful restaurant that offers the hummus that you would only imagine. For people living in Tel Aviv, hummus is not a simple meal. Locals will show an interesting sacred loyalty when looking at hummisiyah. Ali Karavan is one of those hummus spots that goes way beyond the culinary, cultural and ethnic allegiances. There are some fresh batches that are available every single day and you will want to experience masabacha or hummus with foul here. You will find the restaurant on Ha Dolfin Street.

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Visit The Design Stores

oHo boutique in Dizengoff Center

Many design stores in Tel Aviv are still in an infancy state but that does not mean that you cannot find some wonderful options if this is what you want to see. You will want to consider the SoHo boutique in Dizengoff Center for local fashion, jewelry and product design. Then, go to Retro TLV for some mid-century modern furniture items. Many items are restored and saved from all around Israel. As an extra destination, be sure to consider Elemento in Rothschild quarter.

Manshia Train Station

Manshia Train Station

This is actually one of the really new attractions that Tel Aviv offers but it is also a really old one. It is located in Jaffa and was constructed in the year 1892 in order to link Tel Aviv with Jerusalem. The station was abandoned for over sixty years but now the structures are open after 5 years restoration. What is interesting is that this train station is now a leisure complex of 4 acres that houses boutiques, galleries, cafes, a farmers’ market and restaurants. You will love the visit here. This is a certainty.

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