Paris Nightlife: Hotspots that you cannot miss!

The nightlife in Paris is not for the faint of heart. As soon as the sun sets, the city transforms itself into a dynamic and exuberant place to be enjoyed by those who enjoy haute cuisine, dancing, tasting an array of cocktails, or just listening to a live band. Lots of restaurants, trendy bars, and clubs come alive in the dark in Paris. The question is: where do you start?

The following are places that visitors must visit to get a taste of Paris’s colorful nightlife:

Bars and Pubs

Le Marais

Le Marais

This is a gay area filled with lots of unique bars such as le Cox, Bliss Kfe, and Open Café. Most of these bars offer cool music and are uniquely designed. Those looking for a nice meal can do so at restaurants that are at these bars such as at Les Etages and Le Tresor. Got a fondness for wine? La Belle Hortense and Les Enfants Rouges are two famous wine bars in the area. If you enjoy trendy pubs with terraces, be sure to visit Le Bar Palmier or Le Bazooka Café. If you are heading towards the Louvre, Costes Hotel and Bar is a trendy and musical places with its electro-lounge.

Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter

This area is filled with a variety of bars and is ideally suited for individuals with sophisticated tastes. For example, the Pub St. Germain and the Princess offers fancy cocktails and are also famous for live or DJ music. Classier places include L’Alcazar and Castel.



This area is great for pub crawlers as it has many tiny bars along the Rue de Lappe. If you’re looking for a lounge atmosphere in this area, head to Le SanZ, La Fabrique, or Le Wax. Further away from La Bastille towards the Charonne, you will encounter more sophisticated bars such as Le Pause Café and Boca Chica.

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Paris is dotted with clubs. For individuals between the ages of 18 to 30 years, they can head to the Locomotive on PIgalle, which plays disco and house music on three floors.  On the Rue de Lappe, the Balajo is a place for all ages. They also have traditional French dance and salsa classes which are taught in the afternoon. Got a thing for electro music? Head to Gibus located near Republique. For an unusual yet convivial place to dance, head to the Batofar, located near Bercy. Some of the trendiest clubs in Paris are for individuals over 30 years of age. The Les Bains Douches located in Le Marais is one such place. It is a Parisian club which has a restaurant and is known to attract celebrities. The Queen, located near the Champs-Elysees is a mainstream club and a list topper for Paris clubbers. The Pulp located in le Grands is a fashionable club.

Without a doubt, Paris has an active nightlife. If you want to gain an appreciation for Paris’s culture, be sure to partake in at least one of its clubs and bars.

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