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What NOT to Do When Flying

I’ve seen all sorts of annoying people doing maddening things at the airport and on the plane. I’ll help you avoid some unacceptable flying behavior, as well as guide you to a smoother flight whether you are about to embark on a...

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8 In-Flight Essentials to Pack

To an uncomfortable passenger, long flights may seem like forever. There’s the stinky restroom, and squeaking babies. If you are really lucky, you even get to sit next to a passenger whose snore is loud enough to keep everyone...

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Why to Go For a Cheap Flight

There are very many reasons why one can go for a cheap flight. Today everything is driven by completion and the need to save every little amount you can then it is no wonder that everyone is looking at the general direction of...

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How to Recover from Jet Lag

Sleep should take up about 35% of your daily routine. Many of us operate off of less sleep on a regular basis, making travel recovery more difficult. This blog contains information to help you prevent a severe episode of jet...

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