Best Shopping Places In Athens

Besides the day trips, ruins and restaurants that serve local food, Athens is also a great shopping destination. As opposed to many shopping destinations in the world, Athens can be quite cheap if you are willing to explore the streets looking for different things to take back home with you. From clothes and jewelry to olive oil and fabrics, you can find almost anything in the small shops. Of course, big fashion jewelry and clothes brands are also present in Athens so besides visiting the local shops that are filled with inexpensive items, you can also visit designer and brand shops that feature more expensive clothing articles and jewelry. It is up to you, however we highly recommend the street shops that are truly wonderful if you are a patient person. What we love the most about shopping in Athens is that most shopping places have a specific category – you can find hundreds of clothing shops on the same street and the same thing happens for jewelry, furniture and other items that can be purchased.

Ermou – Athens Main Street

Ermou - Athens Main Street

The main streets are the locations where tourists and locals can shop from brands that can be found in many main cities around the world, such as Apple Store, Barnes & Noble and Banana Republic, Marks & Spencer, Bershka, H&M and Zara. Most of these are located on Ermou Street, a street situated in the center of Athens.

Athinas Street

Athinas Street

From Ermou, tourists can turn right on Athinas Street and end up in a place that is filled with clothes shops that sell clothing articles at affordable prices. Here, tourists can find anything casual – jeans, T-shirts, Polynesian shirts and other clothing articles including clothes for bigger sizes. Those who want to buy souvenirs, military and police Greek shirts and similar items should head across Athinas Street.

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Aeolou And Agios Markos Streets

Aeolou And Agios Markos Streets

Another popular shopping destination for those who are looking for bargains is Aeolou and Agios Markos streets, a shopping place in Athens where tourists can find everything from fabrics to shoes and clothes. High quality is not synonym with big brands; you will be surprised to find silk clothing articles in the small shops located on these two streets. All you have to do is be patient and explore the shops.

Those who are crafty and love DIY projects will also love the shops that are located on Aeolou and Agios Markos. As we already mentioned, tourists can find various fabrics, but there are many ribbon shops, button shops and other specific shops.

The cafes located on the street are perfect for a short shopping break. After you drink your coffee, you can go back to exploring the items sold by the street merchants.

Abyssinia Square

Abyssinia Square

Abyssinia Square is the perfect place in Athens for those who love antiques. This place is another destination in Athens that is far from organized but very charming in its eclectic way. Tourists can find expensive furniture, amazing jewelry, traditional vases and statuary for olive oil and food but also cheap decorative objects.

Stamp collectors and coin collectors should leave Abyssinia Square behind and head over to Omonia and Syntagma Squares where they can find specialized shops.

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