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Best Restaurants For Vegetarian Food In Manchester

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Most of the restaurants in Manchester will cater for the wishes of vegetarians with access to many interesting dishes. However, the most appealing options are those that are completely meat free or the vegan restaurants that do give access to a much wider variety.

One thing that you may not know is the fact that vegetarianism has quite a huge history in the area. There were establishments set up in the 1800s and various restaurants that were appealing. In fact, around 1880 there were more vegetarian restaurants than regular restaurants in Manchester.

Below we offer a small list of the best vegetarian food restaurants in Manchester, based on reputation and customer reviews. Every single one boasts a large selection of vegan and vegetarian menus so you will have access to the variety you are looking for. You will no longer have to settle for a few choices in a menu since the entire menu is designed for your tastes.



By many, Chaophraya is considered as being the best of all UK’s vegetarian restaurants because of the really extensive menu. We are talking about a Thai Restaurant that won many awards along the years. It actually went through a recent expensive refurbishment renovation that make the setting even more attractive. Make sure that you stare a little at the huge jelly fish tank since it is quite impressive.

Ocean Treasure 245

Ocean Treasure 245

This is a Chinese restaurant that is located inside Great Northern Warehouse. You can find it at the ground floor at Manchester 235. If you look at the reviews that appeared since the 2009 opening, you will notice that they are all rave. You have access to many Cantonese dishes that are mainly influenced by healthy eating principles. The vegetarian options are numerous and the vegan options are many. If you are interested, you can also order various gluten free and wheat free meals.

Zouk Tea Bar And Grill

Zouk Tea Bar And Grill

The restaurant cost one million pounds. It is Indian and quite close to Palace Theatre. The menu gives you access to various healthy choices and numerous vegetarian dishes in Manchester. The influences that are noticed in the dishes are wide, ranging from Deli specialties to Punjab specialties.


Nina houses world renowned chef Norman Musa. We are faced with a Malaysian restaurant that is located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The main dishes are South East Asian and food is always fresh. Around 50% of the menu offers dishes for vegans or vegetarians.

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