Best Area To Stay In Malta

It is hard to talk about resorts in Malta, because Malta itself is a big resort. But, there are a few areas that work as a magnet for tourists. Fancy hotels, great beaches, nightlife, amazing restaurants are the most common things that people look at when they are seeking for an area.



Once you arrived in Malta, probably you will head towards Mellieha, a place that is very close to the most known beaches around the island. And if you got here, you must know that it’s necessary to serve a cocktail on Mellieha Bay, the biggest beach in Malta. It is one of the few beaches with sand. If you think that’s a luxury, wait until you see the clear, blue sea. It looks so good that you almost want to drink it, although we wouldn’t recommend that.



A great area to stay in Malta is Sliema, a town on the northeast coast. It isn’t necessary the greatest one, but it is a great point to go anywhere on the island. There are many buses and ferry stations that can get you everywhere. It is close to most of the touristic locations. It is also extremely close to the capital Valletta (10 minutes with the ferry) and the airport (half an hour).

The population of Sliema is around 17.000 and most of the residents are tourists that only live here temporarily (some even decide to stay here more than expected). Because of the great mix of nations, Sliema offers schools in more languages and it even teachers students how to dive.

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The main religion in Malta is catholic and Sliema in no exception when it comes to churches. Built in 1855, Stella Maris is the oldest church and it quickly became a tourist attraction, among with the others. Being a catholic country, people here are embracing tourists, but you need to be careful with your behavior, because some activities are not accepted (topless sunbathing, excessive drunken raucous behavior and so on).

sliema the point

If you are here, don’t forget about the shopping, because this is where the well known mall called The Point is. Having great cafe bars and restaurants, Sliema is the place to eat, shop and relax. The town is also a major commercial and residential area and it offers great hotels.

St Julian

St Julian

Right next to Sliema is St Julian. The cliff that bonds them is excellent for a walk. Even though they are next to each other, the two towns are very different. While Sliema is a new town that offers what others like to call a “high life”, St Julian is more picturesque and colorful. Sliema is new, while St Julian kept its charm of fishing village. On the other hand, St Julian is the place where most teenagers like to stay.

Both Sliema and St Julian are great towns to stay in; Sliema and St Julian’s form a near continuous town spread over two adjacent peninsulas with St Julian’s to the north (about 20 minutes walk) and Valetta and a third peninsula to the south (about 20 minutes drive).

In conclusion, Sliema or St Julian is the best area to stay in Malta and they can offer you everything you need from a touristic zone. Friendly people, English language, great food, traditions, sun, beaches and fun are just the consequence of magical place.

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